Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Supper from the Garden

Here's how we do it at the Sidetrack Cafe on a rainy March day off.

Home made pizza with 

tomatoes that I grew and canned

leeks from the garden

onions and garlic from last year, still good!

and beautiful oregano, deeeeeelish!


  1. wow that's really something to aspire to this year!

  2. That is lovely.When you have your own pizzeria at home.I love to eat farm fresh...but don't have the place to grow so I buy local organic stuff to encourage those who do it.
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  3. There is no better food than the garden fresh which is sure to keep your health in the best condition.We have come to a stage where we are forgetting what is garden and farm fresh.The mere look of it is so good and different..yummy.
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  4. Really boosted my appetite. Now i need a pizza with extra topping right on this very moment. the vegies are looking fresh and tasty. lovely post...