Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is here in Portland

One of my 'three little birds' that let me know it's time to get busy in the garden, 'wake up & live!' they sing. Our spring is early after a very mild winter. The perfect day to spend in the community garden, get things cleaned up and make a plan.

Check these roots--one of my leeks. I love to grow leeks because: they're scrumptious to cook with, and storage is not a problem, these have been in the ground all winter here. I dug them as needed. I planted them last spring. This one is huge, and I love it that these leeks have absorbed all that winter energy, survived those freezing rains and winds and come through even more strong and beautiful---now their nature becomes a part of us. That's some good eatin.

Look at the size of my oregano, jus now wakin up from a nice winter slumber. I fed and cultivated it today.

Wow, these chives have doubled in size since last fall. You can eat the flower buds and flowers too later.

Lookin down the bed---garlic is on the left, about 8" high, planted on time (for a change) last October. It'll be ready by June. You can see that I've added some amendments to the soil---I added my favorite chicken manure, a nice organic compost, and some lime.


  1. Hi Kay! We just learned about lime for our grass - good to know we should put it in our garden beds too. I wonder how bunny droppings work in a garden?

  2. Hi Amy, Sure, rabbit manure has a lot of nitrogen, similar to chicken. If you add it directly to the garden, I'd do it a season before you plant, or compost it. Let it break down with kitchen and yard scraps before you apply it. Fun seein you here (I should check in more often.)

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