Sunday, August 9, 2009

Making Dilly Beans

Here's the recipe I started with. I used 2 dry hot peppas and 5 peppercorns per jar.

You can use any shape of bean, just trim both ends---make yourself one as a ruler for the rest to fit in the jar, leaving 1/2" at the top.

Get all your spices ready, peel and crush the garlic ( I used what I grew), dry hot peppers, peppercorns and fresh dill heads, with seeds or flowers.

Oh, and I used 1 fresh grape leaf at the bottom of each jar, it's supposed to keep them crispy. I laid everything in before the beans, so it'll look nice and show everything.

With the beans loaded, see the grape leaf, the dill and hot peppa peppa.

I usually do one jar at a time, pack, pour in brine and seal, but if you work quickly, and keep those jars and brine hot, you can do it like this.

After 10 minutes in the boiling water bath, here are the beauties coolin on the counter, snappin their lids with that sound of success. This took one hour and I got 7 pints of gourmet, organic, local, artisan, yeah well you get the idea---we're makin our own food to eat and lovin it. Try it, you'll love it too.


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